LiveTrigger is changing how bands, bookers, venues and musicians connect to organize awesome live music events.

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LiveTrigger: a few things to know about us

What is

LiveTrigger is the most advanced live music community of the planet. It connects bandsvenuesbookers and musicians to book amazing live music shows!

If you are an Artist, on LiveTrigger you will find those venues you would like to play at, and the artist you would like to play with. It will open you heaps of new opportunities!

If you are a Venue or a Promoter, on LiveTrigger you will find those artists you would like to work with. It will save you time and money!

LiveTrigger advanced search engine will help you to find the artists and the venues you are looking for and connect with them.

Bands. Venues. No big names like Madonna, Snoope Dogg or Coldplay here.

We’re the real life: independent bands and musicians, real artists and small venues that everyday deliver awesome, passionate and sweaty live shows.

This is the best part of the live music world and this is what live music should be!

It’s hard for bands to find a venue out of their area, and it’s hard for venues to find bands to keep their venue packed – unless you risk a lot of $$$, paying a booking agency that may not deliver any added value.

Find what you are really need on LiveTrigger!



Something to know about us: we are musicians and venue managers, but also professionals engaged in different areas (IT, SEO, Legal and Marketing).

We know what you need and we do our best to make your life easier.

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No credit card required. It’s 100% free!
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