How do I rate a user?

Here are some simple and important rules to know about the LiveTrigger rating system:

  1. Your rating is (and will always be) anonymous.
  2. You can rate users on LiveTrigger how many times you want, but your vote will always be counted as one.
  3. You can vote the same user only once every 24 hours.


That’s how to rate a user

1) find a user that you want to rate using our powerful search engine, ex. Band => Seditius

2) click the Vote Icon on the user description panel

3) assign a vote from 1 to 5 using the stars

4) click the RATE button

How to rate a user on LiveTrigger through the map


1 – you can vote bands by:

  • people: are these guys your best-friends o just assholes?
  • music: is their music awesome or shitty?
  • show: is their show cool or boring?


Rate the user using the 5 stars


2 – you can vote the promoters by:

  • people: is this booker your best-friends o just an assholes?
  • reliability: is this promoter outstanding in the delivery or disappointing?

Use the 5 starts to vote Venues on LiveTrigger

3 – you can vote the venues by:

  • people: are these guys your best-friends, mmmmm ok or just assholes?
  • reliability: is this venue doing a good or a bad job?
  • sound: are the sound creepy or pleasure for your ears?
  • locals: are the locals (people who attend the shows) cool people or boring?
  • accommodation: how was the accommodation (if provided)?
  • sound engineer: was the sound engineer professional or deaf (Lol)?
  • lights: what about the lights on the stage, were they great, average or incredible?


Use 5 stars to rate venues on LiveTrigger