Your agenda

LiveTrigger agenda is smart, useful and easy to use: it’s the place where you can manage all your requestsgigs and tags!

Using your agenda is really simple:

1 – click “AGENDA” on the toolbar to access to your agenda;

2 – click “POST A REQUEST” on the top left of the page if you want to post a requests or “CREATE AN EVENT” if you want to create an events;

3- if you have already posted a public request or an event you can see them on your calendar and you can easily manage them from there:

  • click the plus button (+) to see all the events/requests details;


  • click “EDIT REQUEST” or “EDIT EVENT” if you want to edit your request or event, then modify all your data on the edit panel and click “SAVE” to save the editing your request/event;


  • click “DELETE REQUEST” or “DELETE EVENT “ if you want to delete your request or event and then select yes (if you want to delete it) or cancel (if you don’t want to delete it).



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