NoReason Fest 2019, the First NoReason Booking Festival

LiveTrigger is proud to support the first NoReason Booking Festival, the NoReason Fest 2019   1. When and how no...

LiveTrigger is proud to support the first NoReason Booking Festival, the NoReason Fest 2019


1. When and how no reason booking is born?

NoReason Booking was born several years ago, there was already a sort of detached “section” of the label, but not so active both in terms of concerts, productions and booking.

It was born mainly from my desire to bring foreign bands to Italy, organizing tours or single shows, and from the desire to promote Italian bands both in Italy (mainly) and abroad.

Obviously, it was also born from the passion I have for music, concerts, the atmosphere of live shows.

I also love working with groups/artists.

The general organization of an event has always intrigued me as well, managing different situations on my own and being able to combine all the pieces of the puzzle to make sure that there is a successful concert in a specific venue/space.

I find it exciting and it gives me a lot of satisfaction.


2. If you were to isolate a single distinctive element of NoReason, what would you choose and why?


Passion, because without that you cannot keep on going.

It may be trivial, but many people I have met in these 12 years of “activity” in this field often don’t move a finger if they don’t see the money.

They won’t help if they don’t see the money.

Those individuals are limited by money, and not “pushed” by the love for music.

It is right to have a reward for the work done, the flapping, the respect, etc … but I don’t do it for that.

My first thought goes to doing things well, trying to get a good event out, to see the smiling faces of the band members and of the spectators.

We invest our hard-earned money in other concerts, in the promotion of bands, albums, gadgets and everything that can be used to keep up this fantastic reality that is NoReason and that has been going on for 13 years now.

I think we are one of the very few companies in Italy to carry on this desire to do concerts, bring foreign bands to Italy, promote bands/albums of foreign and Italian artists.

And none of us here will let go 🙂


3. Where does the need for a festival come from?

When you’ve been organising gigs for 2, 3, 4 bands for so many years… later you have that desire to bring so many bands at once for various reasons:

First, it is great to see all the bands you’ve been working with for years together in one day. Two is a way to get together and spend a nice day/evening together with people you hear almost every day via email / social (due to distances).

Our festival is a way to bring all the family together 🙂


4. Tell us about the bands that will participate at the Noreason Fest 2019:


Astpai is an Austrian band of friends, a band that I respect very much for its attitude and way they grew in the punk rock scene.

Perhaps the punk rock band that I respect most in the world because they have reached the top thanks to passion, sweat and respect for them.



Mike is French artist, a nice folk punk that always leaves you speechless and at the same time makes you feel at peace with yourself.

Always very intimate, his last piece of the set where he takes the jack off, he puts the audience in a circle and plays/sings, turning slowly on himself and looking one by one into his eyes, a very beautiful thing 🙂



Darko is a melodic hardcore five-piece band from England. They are a blast on stage with their beautiful speedy rhythm and very technical guitars.

I always enjoy watching a band like them that always engage with the audience and doesn’t take a second of break.



What can I say about Brightr?! I organized a concert in July 2015 with a friend of mine (Marca from Dags!) In Milan with Prawn, Hindsights, Dags! and Brightr himself (I didn’t know him yet).

I saw him and fell in love with his guitar sound and, especially, his voice.

Later, I’ve always been booking his Italian shows every time I could, because it is an artist who “kidnaps” the mind during its set.



Intellectual are a dutch trio, very sophisticated punk rock guitars and very consistent sound.

Always thrilled to see this band live!



Girless is a solo artist that has just released his second album and you should not underestimate his style

He has released some very interesting concept albums and I do really appreciate his willingness to inform and remind some characters and particular moments to his audience at every concert.

Girless lives between Bolzano and Rimini, Italy and he tells us stories about Primo Levi, Hemingway, Tenco, Pinelli, Woolf all with his hoarse and present voice. Just listen to his new album released Monday and try to find the red line behind it.



Red Car Burns is veteran band from Lodi, Italy who has been playing its beautiful and emotional Hot Water Music-style punk rock around Italy and around the world for years.

A group with so much grit and always gives the best on stage!



Matteo is the bass player of 7Years but at our fest will perform with his own acoustic guitar.

It will be an intense set of true folky acoustic punk rock!



Regarde is a band from Vicenza, very easy going off the stage and super powerful on stage. They are an emo band, they travel to record between the US and the UK, I look forward to the time of their new record release and to start booking their next shows.

When they perform live they are always great, seeing is believing!



It’s a punk emo band not to be underestimated!

Two EPs released so far (I know they are also working on two new records) and the grew a lot as a band between these releases.

Why not to be underestimated?

Because they are (maybe even a little slowly, but well) starting to be very serious.

They travelled around Italy with Connection Lost, and now, together with Girless, they will open all the Brightr tour gigs aaaand… they will play at The Fest in Florida.



7years is a band from Livorno, Italy, active since 2001.

They play a fast hardcore punk that leaves no time to think of anything else, eyes stick to the stage and speed and technique.



The Colvins are Sardinian band, composed of 4 elements.

“Raw” punk mixed pretty well with the classic Ramonescore sound and some Californian punk.


5. What can we expect from NoReason in the coming months?

We are already working on how to manage the next season, what goals need to be set for us and how to set up the work within our staff.

I think that different things will change, different ways of working and managing certain situations.

We grow, we gain experience and year after year we can always see new goals, new projects, new ideas that have been tickling your mind for years and that will sooner or later go to the end.

In my opinion, the next season will be one of the most important for NoReason in terms of management, musical “openness” and results.

I do not know how it will go, but I am fully loaded and I want to make this year a blast … I think this is it 🙂