SHARMAN DEN: a wave of folk rock from Barcelona!

SHARMAN DEN started forming bands as a teen in 2007 and a few years later he came up with the idea of Hard Folk. Now he's been around Europe for a while and kindly gave us a few minutes...

Hi. Tell us your story in 3 sentences.
Hi! I’m a self-taught musician born in Barcelona. After being solo-guitarist and composer in the Rock&Roll band “The Walkers”, I started my solo project in London a couple of years ago, where I started writing my first album: “Caravan To Nowhere”. I’m just hustling to get heard like any other musician, but I do it proudly!

What is your “home ground” area? Tell us something about it
Barcelona is my hometown. Something about it: probably one of the best cities in the world for many things, but not for Rock&Roll music!

What’s the best live act in your area? tell us something about it
It’s hard to choose a best one, but I’d recommend you to go see Seward if you’re looking for something different.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?
I think that any artist I’ve ever liked has had an influence in what I do, but I’d highlight Led Zeppelin, JJ Cale, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Fleetwood Mac, Morphine, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, The Police, Dire Straits and many many more!

Any favourite artists?
Many again… Besides the classics, there are people out there right now that I find pretty awesome: Grizzly Bear, The Amazing, Fauve, Battles, Tame Impala, etc.

What’s the last live music show you’ve seen?
I had the privilege to see one of my favourite bands ever: Jethro Tull! Seeing Ian Anderson play his flute on one leg was something I never thought I’d get to see!

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Oh, Beatles 99% !!!

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road
When I think of being on the road I automatically remember laughing. Most of musicians are wacky weirdos great to have around! I tend to forget the bad memories though…

What do you think about LiveTrigger? Did you manage to book any shows?
I think it’s a promising platform and a great initiative! I haven’t got booked yet but let’s hope a little interview helps! 😉