WHALE VS ELEPHANT: small town artist discovering Europe

WHALE VS ELEPHANT is the story of a traveling indietronic musician from a small german town

Hi. Tell us something about the Whale Vs Elephant project.
Since 2009 the songs of Whale Vs Elephant mostly arised on the road while traveling. I was traveling around europe and lived in Berlin and Reykjavik for a while. I played different concerts and festivals with different guestmusicians. Since 2013 I have lived in Trier (Germany) and perform there with 2 local musicians. Singer Iris and Guitarist Dirk. The music is indietronic with some folk and postrock elements.

Tell us about your last musical release and about the direction your music is taking.
I was recording an EP named “Modifications” in 2012. It was recorded in Berlin and Reykjavik with different guest musicians. These days I’m traveling in Eastern Europe and Georgia working on new recordings and hopefully there will be a second EP released soon.

Where did you get inspiration for your music?
I grew up in a little village listening to lot of music from my childhood on. A lot of indie and skatepunk when I was in my rebellious youth, already dreaming about creating my own music and being on a stage one day. When I was old enough don’t to feel ashamed anymore to show my sensible side I got more into calm, and melancholic stuff. I was amazed about the icelandic and german indietronic scene developing in the 90’s when bands started to mix indiemusic with electronic beats. My music is always developing by cooperating with different musicians and today also some folk and postrock bands are influencing me.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any? Any favourite artists?
Actually a lot. Mostly icelandic bands like Múm or Sigur rós or german indietronic artists like The Notwist or Apparat. These days I also like bands with smooth spheric background and effected guitar sounds like The XX or Doughter. And Indiefolk musicians like Angus and Julia
Stone, Sufjan Stevens, Eels…

How is being a band from Trier? What’s the best live act in your area? Tell us something about the German musical movement.
I was living 2 years in Berlin, what was quite disappointing for me. I was one of thousands that go to this city to make music or any other art. But Berlin is full. You can get a lot of gigs, but don’t get payed and there is a lot of competition. Trier was a new beginning. It’s small and therefore more easy to make some connections. There are some bands. But I don’t know any other band doing our style. In Trier you can get payed gigs and make yourself known. But you can not play a lot of gigs as the locations are rare.

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?
Angus and Julia Stone years ago in a Church in Berlin. The seats where taken and the only free space was on the floor 2 meters away from Julia. I was crying from the 3rd song on 🙂

I know you made some tours in Europe in the past. Are you connected with other bands or musical movements in Europe? Tell us something about it.
I got to know and played with different musicians while traveling. Such as Svavar Knutur from Iceland or Tomato Catch Up from Russia. Besides I’m organizing the Melodicafestival in Trier. Melodicafestival is an international acoustic/folk/singer-songwriter festival which takes place at different cities worldwide. Therefore I’m connected to different european musicians.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.
Best: No idea, so many great moments. Worst: I landed by accident in Bellrussia and was taken out of my train by police in the middle of the night.

What do you think of Livetrigger.com? Do you think it could be a good tool to facilitate the process of booking and organizing shows? Do you have any suggestions?
It could be a very good tool, of course. I like that it opens the opportunity for small bands to get in touch with bookers abroad.