5 Touring tips from Frank Turner

We are happy to introduce a new section of our magazine: Tips from the Best. Senior artists, with years of experience, will share their top tips, suggestions and recommendations that you can reapply right away. Enjoy the first article, signed by Mr. Frank Turner who, before finishing his new album "Positive Songs for Negative People", has decided to reveal his top 5 tips to survive while on tour.

Frank Turner is an English folk/singer-songwriter. Initially, the vocalist of post-hardcore band Million Dead, Turner embarked upon a primarily acoustic-based solo career following the band’s split in 2005.

He will be releasing his sixth album “Positive Songs for Negative People”, together with his backing band The Sleeping Souls, which is also accompanying on his (almost endless) tour.

  1. Never make something your problem unless it needs to be. Leaving people alone, not getting in their face, is the key to surviving on the road.
  2. Make some alone time for yourself. Personally, I try to eat breakfast on my own. But whatever it is, tour is a life surrounded by people, so try and make sure you have some time every day just on your own.
  3. Watch your health. It’s boring, but vitamin drinks in the morning, vegetables and so on, make a huge difference. It’s very easy to eat badly on the road. Resist!
  4. Explore! You’re often in exotic, far away places, and it’s really easy to see nothing, because of work and laziness. Loom up something historical or cultural on your Google maps and make time to get there.
  5. Go to bed. It’s always tempting to party – it’s the one big night out for the locals every night, but you have to do this every day. More often than not, the best idea is to bow out politely and get some sleep.