Visual Satiation: Elzo Durt

Visual Satiation: Elzo Durt

If you like the band La Femme, as I do, you’ve likely wondered who’s behind their incredible artworks. This time on Visual Satiation we land on the psychedelic, noisy mind of the Belgian artist Elzo Durt!

1) Hi Elzo! Welcome to Visual Satiation. Introduce yourself!

I live in Brussels, I’m 35 but I wish I was only 17!

I began making artwork, posters and silkscreen there are almost 15 years ago.

I have long held a gallery in Brussels and at the same time I published books of illustrations and comix. I put that aside, and today I take time for my personal work as an illustrator and organization of my party, and my label.

2) You’ve drawn for such bands as Thee Oh Sees, La Femme, The Prodigy. What’s your relationship with music and how does your job work?

I am passionate about music and I organised many concerts, I also take care of Teenage Menopause Records label, with my friend Froos, who is in Paris.

I started making pictures with the idea of making covers for my favourite bands.

Today, after several years of work, I have the opportunity to work for my favorite artists, it’s fantastic!

By meeting the musicians, we become friends, and they ask me to work for their covers and posters.

So these are jobs I realized especially for them, they tell me what they want me to develop as a theme and then usually they leave me free enough in my work, they trust me.

elzo durt

3) What themes do you often find yourself returning to in your art?

I work in collage, so it all depends on what I find as elements.

We thus find quite a biblical theme, because I work a lot with engravings of the 18th century, which are often religious engravings.

Before, I worked a lot from anatomy engravings but now more so with these.

For now, I find many elements in comix, as you can see in my last images.

4) Let’s talk about music! If you lent me your headphones right now, what music would I hear?

I listen to lots of music, lots of punk, garage but also a lot of techno.

At the moment in rock: Fuzz / Bazooka / Chocolat / The Intelligence

Then a lot of punk and French songs: Pierre et Bastien / Noir Boy George / Heimat

In techno: An-i / The Horrorist / EDMX

To name a few.

5) I give you one minute to sketch a selfportrait of yourself. ready? go!

I do not draw  🙁


(editor’s note: ok, Elzo doesn’t draw, so here’s a picture of him smiling)

Ok, Thanks for your time and your stunning work Elzo! 




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