Visual Satiation: James Quigley A.K.A. Gunsho

Visual Satiation: James Quigley A.K.A. Gunsho

The first artist we lead off with is an American guy called James Quigley aka Gunsho. His stunning crazy works appears as record covers, comics, skateboard graphics and shirt designs for Heroin Skateboard, PORK Magazine, Night Watch Studio, Eyeball Comics and Hidden Fortress Press.

Hi James! Welcome to “Visual Satiation”.

Let’s start by introducing yourself: who’s Gunsho?
Gunsho is an art-moniker usually applied to James Quigley.

What twisted mental processes trigger your art and how do you organize your work?
PTSD, self-hypnosis, occult research & practice, and cannabis use. My work tends to organize itself without my control.

Tell me about your current projects / what have you got up your sleeve?
I’m working on some large-scale screen-prints, also lots of comix lately with my friends at Night Watch and PORK Magazine.

What does your future look like?
My future looks less-apocalyptic than it used to look like.

What’s your favorite color?
It depends on the day, today it is neon green.

I give you one minute to sketch a portrait of yourself. 3, 2, 1, go!

James Quigley / Gunsho

Thanks for your time James and keep rocking as usual!

instagram: @quigleysmagicshop