Visual Satiation: Kristen Liu-Wong

Visual Satiation: Kristen Liu-Wong

Isn’t it lovely how Kristen Liu-Wong plays with the morbid side in all of us?

By using a variety of catchy candy colours to drag viewers into her sick & twisted world, Kristen Liu-Wong always leaves you craving more.

Now, let’s have a listen to what this extremely talented San Francisco to Los Angeles transplant has to say.

Hello Kristen and welcome to Visual Satiation!

Let’s start with an introduction, can you tell us a bit more about you?

My name is Kristen Liu-Wong and I’m a painter and illustrator based out of Los Angeles!


What kind of background shaped the person and the artist you are today?

I was born and raised in San Francisco.

My parents divorced when I was really young and my mom had sole custody of me and my older sister so I don’t know my biological father at all.

My mom and grandmother raised us and they were both elementary school teachers (my mom is an art teacher and my grandma was a kindergarten teacher) so although we were poor, education and the arts were always appreciated and emphasized in our household.


What kind of themes fascinate you the most that you find yourself returning in your art, and how do you usually work?

I tend to return to the questions surrounding sexuality, mortality, and human nature but I also make a lot of pieces that depict the more mundane parts of everyday life. I work deliberately and constantly and I’m definitely a night owl.



What makes your art special is the way you tell your stories through a meticulous love for symbolic details, patterns, and the fierce (couldn’t-give-a-damn) attitude way you portray your women in all their unconventional beauty and weirdness.

Who are Kristen Liu-Wong’s all time favourite female heroes?

Margaret Kilgallen, Grandma Moses, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Ching Shih, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jane Goodall, Tura Satana, Tamara DeLempicka, Edith Wharton

“Jane Goodall”

“Tura Satana”

“Tamara DeLempicka”


What do you have brewing at the moment, and how do you like to spend your time when you’re not working?

I just made a new giant panel for a show opening at Superchief Gallery LA on Sept 22nd!

And I’ve gotta make pieces for some group shows later this year, I’m going to release my first ever book with Von Zos soon and in February of 2019, I will be going to Madrid where I’ll be part of a show for Madrid Art Week so I’m going to be making A LOT of work for that starting now!
When I’m not working I like to go on fun field trips, read, play with my dog, and watch tv (my special indulgence being shitty reality tv).


What music would I hear if I were in your studio while you’re drawing?

Depends on the day and the time! When I’m super stressed I listen to Enya, Natalie Merchant or Norah Jones a lot haha.

I love indie and folk (Thee Oh Sees, Devendra Banhart, Múm, etc) but I also like opera, rap, hip hop, and trap music (Gucci Mane is a favourite).


Besides being a terrific artist, what’s your other superpower?

If I had to be in a talent show I’d be shit out of luck haha- I guess I’m pretty good at reading?


What movies shocked you the most when you were a child?

Bull Durham grossed me out when I was a kid. My mom accidentally rented it for our movie night when we were little and I vaguely remember them fucking on the countertop and the cereal spilling all over and I was scandalized lol. Schindler’s List was another one that really stuck with me when I first saw it as a kid, for obvious reasons.

“Bill Durham”, Ron Shelton 1988


If you had a time machine, which historical period would you like to visit?

Ohh it’s hard to say- as an Asian lady who only speaks American English I probably wouldn’t blend too well in a lot of places and it wasn’t very fun to be a woman (rich or poor) for much of history.

It would be really cool to visit fin de siècle Paris though!


What’s your favourite place in your hometown San Francisco?

A lot has changed since I moved away to go to college in 2009 but I really love walking around Golden Gate Park and the De Young/ MoMA.

There’s also this little park near my house that’s on top of a hill on Taylor St and I love to sit up there alone and look at the city.

“Taylor Street Park”

“Golden Gate Park”


Thank you very much Kristen! We wish you all the best!


instagram: @kliuwong