Visual Satiation: RIOT1394

Visual Satiation: RIOT1394

Despite the world being a never-ending ordeal with endless problems, it seems like we may be emerging from the enforced state of hibernation the pandemic forced us into for the last two years. And so, as the world opens up again, we now return to our exploration of art, bringing you some of the most intriguing artists the Earth has to offer.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the fourth chapter of “Visual Satiation”!  

Get comfortable and keep your eyes peeled for all the amazing art made by all the talented people you’re about to discover… 


Among the countless Graffiti artists scattered all over the world, there’s a particular Austrian one based in Berlin who’s unmistakable style is hard not to notice.

Graffiti-bombing walls with his detailed mix of bold lettering, illustration and underground comics-book-like cartoon characters, RIOT1394 definitely knows how to stand out in the crowd and is one of the most recognizable artists of his kind. Let’s have a chat with him!


Hello RIOT1394, and thanks for being our first guest for this fourth chapter of Visual Satiation!

Let’s start off with an introduction: Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and give us some insight into the background that shaped the person and the artist you are today?

Hi, thank you for having me. I’m RIOT1394, I was born in 1988 in a small town in west Austria. No Graffiti but wonderful nature.

I was always drawing and took my inspirations from everything. Good thing was I didn’t have a teacher so I was able to create my own style pretty soon. Of course it changed over time but my main theme of characters combined with letters started early.



When did you start doing Graffiti? What are the themes that trigger your creativity and that you find yourself returning to?

When I was a teen around 14-15 years old I discovered Graffiti during my travels to Berlin and especially from Graffiti magazines from France.

I was always reading different comics and watching cartoons, that mixed with album and skateboard covers inspired me the most. But I also have very supportive parents and grandparents with whom I also went to a lot of Fine Art exhibitions and museums. I became a sponge and my brain an archive.


Who are your favorite artists among those who rock walls?

Puh, hard question… There are a lot and I don’t want to miss some and the taste changes over time but big inspirations in the beginning were Horfee, Roids, Zoer, DMV Crew, my own crew mates from OSK and many more. 





How have you been doing during these last couple of years and how’s life for you nowadays? What do you have brewing at the moment?

Covid wasn’t that hard for me… I never got it and I still had some good jobs, not so much traveling like usual but more time for painting walls and canvases.

At the moment I’m working on RIOTs Comix Vol. 2.



Have you ever gotten into trouble while spraying around?

Hehe unfortunately yeah but it’s a long time ago. However, it stopped me to go bombing in the city where I live. Too much stress. 



What else do you like to do when you’re not rocking walls or drawing? Do you have any hidden talents?

I was a relatively good climber and snowboarder when I was younger. And in my school time I had a lil´ DJ collective with one of my best friends called ”Zombie Crew Massive Sound Destruction Night”. I also did some teachings and workshops with kids in climbing and drawing.

Name some of your all-time favorite comics.

Puh, another hard question: I like a lot underground comix like Crumb, “Sheldon” by Dave Kellet, Johnny Ryan’s “Prison Pit”, “Pinocchio” by Winshluss, Ranxerox, “Weathercraft” by Jim Woodring, Ken Reid´s monsters, Paul Kirchner´s ”Dope Rider”, Cyril Vilx´s “Foutu Archifoutu”, Brecht Vandenbroucke´s “White Cube”, “Stum” by Yann Taillefer, Mawil´s “Kinderland”, Winsor McCay´s “Little Nemo”… But I always find new treasures.

“Prison Pit” by Johnny Ryan

“Pinocchio” by Vincent Paronnaud AKA Winshluss

“Ranxerox” by Stefano Tamburini & Tanino Liberatore

“Dope Rider” by Paul Kirchner


If you were asked to customize a spraypaint that can feature your art, what color of what brand would it be?

Hmm I don’t know… I have a favorite brand for the outline but another one for the filling so I won’t choose a brand but the color should be dark like black, but not black.


If you were forced to get a street artist’s name tattooed on your genitals, which one would you pick: OBEY or Invader?

Hahahah! Tricky question… Invader


Please show us a very early drawing of yours.

Two dinosaurs eating a fish from 1992 when I was 4 years old.

Lastly, let’s give you a few minutes to draw a caricature of yourself and see how it goes! Ready, set, go!

Thank you so much for being with us, RIOT1394!

Keep rocking!



Instagram: @riot1349

Facebook: RIOT1394