Visual Satiation: Robin Eisenberg

Visual Satiation: Robin Eisenberg

Our trip through the depths of visual underground art continues with an amazing illustrator from outer space: Robin Eisenberg.

Hi Robin! Glad to have you here with us on Visual Satiation!

1) Let’s start by introducing yourself.

I’m Robin. I’m an artist + designer based in Los Angeles, CA.

2) You’ve done beautiful work for bands like Babes in Toyland, Deap Vally, L.A. Witch.
How does your job work and what’s your relationship to music?

Thank you! I love making art for rad bands, and I love getting excited about art by listening to those same bands.
Music has always been a huge part of my life so it’s fun to be involved in it from a different side of things.

3) Are you a musician as well?

Yeah! I play piano + organ. I also toured for a long time playing with a band called Crocodiles who are awesome.

4) What feeds your imagination?

Thinking about space… Superbabes in space!

Also, forcing myself to leave my desk and take a walk every day always seems to work really well.

5) Tell me 3 artists we should know about.

Can’t stop staring at the work of:

Madelen Foss (@mfillustration),

Rachel Lesser (@stickerparty),

REEG (@rayreeg).

6) Do you think we’ll meet the aliens someday, or should we just embrace the Fermi paradox?

Although I can’t say for certain whether alien life does exist in a form that we would recognize – I like to believe or I WANT TO BELIEVE in the Star Trek idea that when humanity is ready we will be approached by alien cultures and grow wiser from it. I just hope I’m around for that day!
Sci-fi crossover references in that answer, sorry ahah.

7) What’s your favorite color?

I really like red and purple next to each other.
Is that cheating cuz it’s two colors?

8) Hell no. I give you one minute to sketch a portrait of yourself. 3, 2, 1, go!

robin eisenberg self-portrait

Thanks for your time and your beautiful illustrations Robin!


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