Visual Satiation: Silvia Asunis

Visual Satiation: Silvia Asunis

Silvia Asunis is an Italian artist and graphic designer who completely embody her illustrations: cute, tough, and hella stylish all at once.

This Berlin-based babe’s work is a mix of good ol’ Illustration and Tattoo Art with a strong graphic taste that is hard not to notice.

Let’s discover more about this talented tattooed lady from The Eternal City.

Hello Silvia and welcome to Visual Satiation!

Let’s start with some introductions, and could you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Silvia, well known as SLV is: a pizza muncher, a non-stop traveller and a visionary illustrator.


Can you describe your background and how it shaped who you are as an artist today?

Always preferred markers, pencils and Lego bricks to dolls, my first memories about how much I love paper and print date back to when I was 6yrs old and my dad – a typographer – brought me to his print shop, a dreamland to me!

Since then this passion and love drove me into my studies and my profession as Graphic Designer.

Moved by an extreme curiosity for art and creative processes I moulded myself with every single input I received by participating in workshop exhibitions and by collecting book and of course zines.


What triggers your creativity, and how do you usually work?

My day is my main trigger. The music I listen, the people I meet, the places I visit, the things I daily see are all reflected in my drawings.

My brain starts to elaborate these inputs and a sketch appears on a piece of crap paper and represents my way to express myself.


Who are your favourite artists?

One name above all names: Mark Ryden. Do I have to spend more words describing him? He‘s a genius and his artworks represent the perfect surrealist result with pop twists.

Also Joan Cornellà, a Spanish cartoonist and illustrator, is one of my favourite artists with his black and surreal humour.

Last but not least of my‚ way-too-long, list the French collective Space Invaders one of my icons as an 80s game lover and ex street artist.

Marc Ryden “Little Boy Blue”

Joan Cornellà

Space Invaders


Being an avid zine lover and collector, the paper seems to play a big role in your creative process, allowing you to showcase different points of view. Would you like to tell us a bit more about that?

Zines are by definition a display of different points of view. Either as personal research result or representation of someone else’s thoughts.

I love surrounding myself with the work of others, and collecting their production seems to me the easiest way to constantly be inspired.


What are you working on at the moment?

Have few personal projects boiling in the pot – a personal exhibit and a printed zine – I’m now working as an illustrator for an independent label called „The New Rose“ created and own by Victoria Van Violence. Beside this, I dedicate some time to work into the social media area for a big company.


How many tattoos do you have so far, or have you lost track of them? Do you have any favourites?

Tattoos are one of my big passion and part of my life – other than my body – especially because when I need inspiration I always start browsing through my feed and being amused by the amazing tattoo artists I follow and admire.

All the time I get asked if I am a tattooist and my sketches are flashes but… hell no!

Too scared to use a needle on someone else and besides, tattooing is a very hard job considering the neverending learning of technical processes and the extreme dedication you need to put into.

So I prefer to keep adding pieces to my own collection filling the irritating left empty spaces.

Silvia Asunis


Are there any specific artists you’d love to get a tattoo from if you had the chance?

As a big fan of traditional tattoos my dream would be spending a week in the 1930s in the Bowery, NYC, getting tattooed by the Bowery Boys, pioneers of this art.


I love the way you always look great in your nice clothes! You definitely give me the feeling of someone who’s very passionate about the details. Therefore I’d like to ask, who are Silvia’s all time favourite fashion icons?

You just made me blush!

Fashion is another big passion of mine especially because other than be a graphic designer and illustrator, I work for a big name in the clothing shopping industry and I „need“ to be informed about the latest trends which push me into research and collect items I love, mix and match them everyday.

Let’s drop three names: Vivienne Westwood, Coco Chanel and Alexa Chung.

Vivienne Westwood

Coco Chanel


You are originally from Rome. But now you’re living in Berlin after having moved from London.

What are the pros and cons of each city and where would you like to go next?

Rome is an open-air Museum with quirky characters who made you smile every time but it’s going through a dark time for young artists looking for opportunities in order to live by the dream and passions.

London is the city where everything happens everyday. It’s a vibrant place where connections are keys to your success but you have to work hard and believe in it risking to struggle because of the high cost of living.

Berlin is at the moment the Place where you can have the perfect balance between professional and personal life.

The European sister of New York considering it as the other city which does not sleep.

You can actually live of your dream job and make it even if you survive to cold and lightless winter time. Next…!


Although Italy (ITALY WHAT THE HECK) doesn’t have as many opportunities for its artists and cultural movements as it should, in your opinion, which people are still saving the artistic honourof out country? And whose artwork would you recommend us to have a look at?

Definitely all the talented street artists like Blu, Ericailcane, Dem who are carrying and keeping high the Italian name in the art world.


Erica il Cane



What Italian food do you miss the most?

The most incredibly and tasty street food made called Supplí. It’s a fried rice balls with a melted cheesy heart which makes your mind blow!


What’s your favorite place in your hometown Rome, and where would your dream house location be?

Every time I land in Rome the first stop is the Roman Forum.

I just love to enjoy the view and the timeless quiet of the ancient city away from the chaotic traffic which surrounds it.

And of course related to that the my dream house would be a penthouse in Rione Monti facing the Colosseum.

Roman Forum, Rome, Italy


Since Livetrigger is all about music, what’s your favorite “stornello romano”?

Love and hate declaration by ‘Colle der Fomento’ a 90s rap Group called ‘Il cielo su Roma’. It probably represents my generation anthem.


Lastly, let’s give you just a few minutes to draw a caricature of yourself and see how it goes! Ready? Go!


Thank you very much Silvia! We wish you all the best!


instagram: @xslvx