Visual Satiation: Tati Compton

Visual Satiation: Tati Compton

Hi Tatiana Kartompten, alias Tati Compton!

Glad to have you here with us on Visual Satiation


1) Please introduce yourself!

My name is Tatiana but I go by Tati.

I’m from San Francisco, been living in London for the past 3 years and just moved to LA.


2) You did artworks for such bands as Fuzz, Ty Segall and Meatbodies. Can you tell me a bit about this experience?

All of these guys are my buddies.

Ty got introduced to my work from the Culture Kids insert and asked me to do Slaughterhouse.

Everyone was really stoked on it and the reception opened me up to be willing to do more.

When I went to go see Fuzz’s 1st show I was really inspired and went straight home to draw.

That’s where the first Fuzz cover originated.

It’s been a blast working on every album because I just listen to it on repeat and draw.


3) What’s your background and what current kind of themes fascinating you the most?

I got over school really fast and went travelling for a while, worked a lot of odd jobs for a long time.

At the moment erotic tattoos are the most intriguing to me as they still seem to be a bit taboo or shocking.


4) What do you do when you’re not drawing or tattooing?

Lying in bed hopefully!


5) Are there any other bands that inspire your art?

When I’ve listened to an album that I’m working on too much I usually put on Sleep or Sabbath.

When I’m working on other stuff I just need good music that I can let play for a long time.


6) What’s your favorite cocktail?

Whiskey & water – bourbon only.


7) I give you one minute to sketch a portrait of yourself. 3, 2, 1, go!

I can’t draw that fast haha!