Visual Satiation: Reginal Pean A.K.A. Frenchinald

Visual Satiation: Reginal Pean A.K.A. Frenchinald

This time on “Visual Satiation”, we explore the sexy, evil world of Reginald Pean, better known as Frenchinald.

Hello Master, welcome to “Visual Satiation”. Please introduce yourself and tell us when you made the deal with the devil to draw such beautiful stuff.

Hi my name is Reginald Pean and I made the deal with the devil after I crash landed on earth from a distant planet some 30 years ago.

What do you feed your imagination when it’s hungry? 

Being from a big city I generally try to feed my imagination by going back to nature. I love old italian horror films too, those are really good for hungry imaginations.

What are you working on now? Are you collaborating with anybody in the near future? 

I’m currently working on some paintings for my upcoming solo show in LA in January. In the near future i’ll be collaborating with James Jirat and Ray Reeg on two separate projects and I’m pretty excited about both of those!

Name 3 movies you would recommend to a stranger: 

Suspiria, Big Trouble in Little China and Dead Alive.

I give you one minute to sketch a portrait of yourself. 3, 2, 1, go!

reginald pean aka frenchinald

Thanks for your time Reginald and keep turning on the world with your amazing illustrations!


instagram: @Frenchinald