Rock band in Cleveland, OH, USA


Original Music, Energetic, Casual, and Crowd-Oriented performances, demographic age 25-35, can fill an hour of stage time comfortably, punctual members. Full-Length Album "Cardboard Junkies" to release Early 2020 (Printing Product) - Available online after release show. All current demos were recorded live to approximate a live performance sound and are intended for the Press Kit Only (North & Central Ohio Booking Solicitations Welcome) - Can Email additional professionally-produced tracks upon request. -------------- More Details for the Curious: The influences of each member vary considerably resulting in a variety of song types. "Alternative Rock" is a poor definition in general but the different influences of the members combine to create a sound that is unique but familiar. Influences: Ryan - Vox/Bass: Les Claypool, Gordon Sumner, John Feldman, Steven Page Josh - Guitar: Joe Walsh/The James Gang, Grand Funk Railroad, The President's of the United States of America, The White Stripes Mikey - Guitar/Vox: Josh Homme, Matt Pike, Brent Hinds, Aaron Turner, Eric Clapton Gabe - Drums: Bran Dailor, Frank Zappa, Terry Bozzio, Tim Alexander, Neal Peart Much of the material has a classic rock or southern rock flair but will routinely deviate from this. Currently the band has about 20 practiced original songs and about 5 covers, though new covers are often adopted if a particular show has a theme. Currently, the catalog is a mix of artistic "serious" songs and "silly" joke songs that poke fun at the genera of rock in general. We can comfortably fill an hour of stage time on any booking for an 18+ crowd (more if ample prep time is given). For mixed crowds we can comfortably fill 45 minutes of "clean" material. ** Ryan has a solo side project and over 2 hours of original joke songs, parodies, and covers (18+ only). This is performed with an acoustic guitar and has worked well in the past as an opening act to fill time and/or a replacement for last-minute no-shows (demos of that available upon request). The band as a group has never missed a show to date and Ryan can perform in the event of an unforeseen absence. The show must go on.



Full Length Album: Cardboard Junkies Recorded/Mastered and Projected to Release CD & Digital in April 2020