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Lyrx Da God

Hip hop & r&b musician in New Jersey, USA


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and heavily influenced by the hip hop culture Lyrx started rhyming at the age of 13. From the start everyone who heard him knew there was something special about this artist. His flow and delivery keep listeners at the edge of their seat while his unique voice keeps them captivated. His rhythmic patterns and deep metaphors ensure that there is a song in his arsenal for the casual fan to the die hard hip hop enthusiast. At a time in hip hop where the focus on lyrics seems to be a lost art form, Lyrx brings it to the forefront. With a balanced approach of lyrical content and catch phrases Lyrx delivers a fresh breath of air to those suffocated by the wave of basic bars. Lyrx also diversified his catalogue where his love for living in the moment takes over the beat. With songs ranging from love and heartbreak to living life to the fullest. Between both sides  to this artist the industry has never seen such a versatile emcee.  Lyrx is currently President of Winner$ Only Records and Serves as CEO of Punch Boi Productions where his experience and focus on success are utilized to position the label as a force to reckon with. 


Boomerang Love

I Just Wanna Know

Whole Lotta Girls ft. Cascio

Boss Talk ft Arsenol