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The Fool's Agenda

Rock band in Boston, MA, USA


The Fool’s Agenda is a five-part blues and rock band from Salem, Massachusetts, comprised of 5 young musicians: Rhiannon Raine (vocals), Conor Reinold (guitar), Maddie Roth (keys, guitar), Jon Gray (bass) and Kamryn Bode (percussion), all between the ages of 21 and 23. Established in early 2019, they just released their debut EP of original tracks: From The Underground. The album has been described as reminiscent of the Woodstock era with a modern twist.

The Fools began out of happenstance when roommates Rhiannon and Maddie discovered their shared love for classic rock and blues during a snowstorm in Salem, Massachusetts. They began the framework of a band, writing and performing songs as an acoustic duo. Soon after, they recruited Conor and the trio wrote the demo to what would eventually become their first single, When The Sun Shines. In May, Kamryn and Jon came on to the project to complete the rhythm section, and the five began practicing, writing, and gigging, heavily inspired by both the classic rock they grew up influenced by, and by the mysticism of their home city of Salem. Described as “ethereal Woodstock”, The Fool’s Agenda strives to bring magic back to music.

Since May of 2019, The Fools have released their debut EP "From The Underground", and are in the works of appearing both on radio shows and at festivals.


When The Sun Shines -- single, Sept. 2019

From The Underground -- EP, Oct. 2019

Black Dog Blues -- single, Feb. 2020