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FMA + 12 Gage

Rap and hip hop band in Preston, UK


Something very wicked comes this way...

FMA + 12 Gage are two MC's bound by blood. They combine the aggression of metal and the verbal skills of hip-hop with the energy of youth and the experience of age to create songs that are a fusion of high energy rap, electronic, metal and dance music.

They have performed all over the country and have been featured on BBC and Channel 5 news. In 2019 they were chosen to be the face of the Give us a break anti bullying campaign and their charity song Spectrum gained nationwide coverage. A common phrase heard at any of their performances is, 'I don't normally like rap, but I liked that!' Energy, skill and passion transcends genres. They were awarded the 2018 'Most Inspirational' and 2019 'Outstanding Achievement' awards as part of the Business Owners Network.

FMA + 12 Gage are a glimpse of reality in a world of insanity. They don’t write about money, drugs or women, they write about the darkness inside their minds.

They are an act unlike any other...

"The father and son of unholy flows spit with a unique, roughly-hewn, Prestonian intensity" Tom O'Boyle - Metal Hammer

"So talented, an absolutely breathtaking performance" Anna Kennedy OBE

Like trying to describe a colour that you’ve never seen beforeFamous Voices


Like Father Like Son EP - 2014

Something Wicked This Way Comes EP - 2015

Parental Advisory - Oct 2018

Spectrum - Nov 2019