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caffè dei treni persi

Folk/rock band from Bologna, Emilia Romagna, IT

#elezioni #politiche 2018 Caffè dei Treni Persi in #parlamento : #lavoro February 22, 2018 9:22 am


#elezioni #politiche 2018 Caffè dei Treni Persi in #parlamento : #lavoro February 22, 2018 9:22 am

Caffè dei treni persi, literaly “MIssed trains coffees”, was born in 2007 meeting up musicians with different experiences. In 2008 the band records its first EP including four songs of its large repertoire, receiving good response from critics and fans.
In 2010 the band produces its second EP “Nel frigo cantano le cocorite” in collaboration with the Italian songwriter Germano Bonaveri.
During the years “the coffee” has traveled a lot playing in festivals and on stages all over the country and the band’s songs have been broadcast by local and national radios.
In 2013 the band records its first full album called “Un collasso del tutto indisturbato” with the participation of Cisco, ex singer of Modena City Ramblers.
The album containing 14 tracks is an ironical and disenchanted interpretation of a “Country for Old Men”. A country that transformed dreams into routines and vitality into fear. A country that is poisoning future for which poetry is the only antidote.

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