Rap musician in London, UK


Natestapes is an up & coming hiphop artist, and he prides himself in his use of mentally challenging vocabulary and captivating use of rhythm & flow. 

He was born in Luton, raised in the South-West of France, and has Ugandan blood running through his veins, so culture is in his DNA. Music has been his career path for the past 7 years, and although he makes music for the love & passion, he is working his way towards being able to use it as a stable source of income.

Music is above all a form of expression to Nate, this helps him deliver a perticular message or set of emotions, which in turn enables him to make connections with people around him who can relate to those massages or emotions.

He currently has 2 released E.P's, 1 of which is available on all digital platforms + one unreleased album and another unreleased mixtape coming very soon! natestapes is slowly building his music portfolio but already has a good number of songs released, notably on SoundCloud & Spotify.

Music will always be a massive part of Nate's life.



Nate, and the Tale of the Mic - EP

Wrong Turns - Single

Stressing - Single


Time, the Man Made Concept - EP 

The Gitfted Drifter - Single

Navigating Lost Seas - Single

Seesaw City - Single



The Wavering Wanderer - EP (UNRELEASED)


Paper Planes on Water - Single (04/04/2020)

The Slumbering Soul - Single (09/04/2020)