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Rap & hip-hop musician in Vancouver, BC, Canada


My names Taioh Zanatta, also Known as Fibinacci. I was born on march,28.2000. I'm currently 20 years old. I started rapping during my three year bid in the local youth detention. Most my songs I wrote and produced while incarcerated(don't ask me how its a long story). Even tho it was a shitty thing to expierence I learned many things about myself as well as disovered my passian in music. I got released from custody 5 months ago on november,5.2019.

I've been focused on getting my life together and leaving my previous lifestyle behind. I've faced many obstacles in my life. From the deaths of both my parents to living on my own and supporting myself at the age of 14. Even through all of that I still struggle with changing my life and discovering myself. All I truly know is that i'm passionate about my music and I want to get somewhere with it and I'm personally willing to do whatever it takes.

I'm always writing new music as well as getting into the studio whenever I can. 





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