House/electronica dj in Charlotte, NC, USA



I'm Manuel Keller living in Charlotte NC , but orginally I'm from Switzerland.

My big passion is muic since my childhood. I'm constantly in contact wiht music during my free time.

My genre is somewhere in between house, deep house and meldoic Techno.

Since years, I try to develope my music skills step by step.

I started mixing for myself just with software. But the appetite for getting more into it was all the time bigger.

So it went from buing my first synthesizer to play aroud with Abelton and FL Studio to buy my own turntabels.

Recently I bought the Abelton Intro to start my on pruductions.

I feel more and more the wish for DJ gigs, since I was able to improove my skills on the turntabels.

This is my hobby and I want to have fun, learn more about music and get the feet into the scene.

I'm also intresed in any collaborations to exchange experience and knowledge.


For now I have just some example sets on Soundcloud. I hope to release my own tracks in the future.