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Toxic Nuke

Edm , trap dj in Greenville, NC, USA


Juileon Alberino, better known by his stage name Toxic Nuke, is an American DJ and producer based out of Brooklyn, New York. His signature sound is a mixture of old school EDM and Hip Hop with the music of today. From this, he gives the listener an eccentric blend of both worlds. Compared to Toxic Nuke's previous work, "Freedom", which has an overall more experimental sound that bounced from track to track, the Kill-Joy EP never fails to maintain a steady smooth flow of consistency. He also doing a release of three albums that connect to a story, “Awaken,” “Revolution.”   

Toxic Nuke played at different venues in New York City. He played at Belle Reve located at Tribeca.

In 2008 DJ Toxic Nuke attended DJ Scratch academy, a school that would help build upon some of his already self taught skills. He would later find himself graduating in the summer of 2012 and moving on to go to school at Kingsborough Community College for broadcasting


Stand Off (2014)

FR33DOM (2015)

Kill Joy - EP (2016)

Toxility – EP (2017)

Awaken (2018)

Revolution (2019)