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Metal/hard rock musician in Medford, NY, USA


I am 36 years old and have been writing/recording my own music since 2001. After releasing 3 solo albums and working on a 4th and performing one concert on stage, I would like to share in the creative process, I very much value the opinion of others and want to collaborate my ideas with others. Since I have many years of doing solo songs, I'm really anxious to hear the kind of work that can be put together with a full band and try something new in the creative process. I have also done all my own artwork for my albums and disc art. I graduated college as a graphic designer in 2008 and continue to make strides creatively with new ideas. Although the earlier albums I had released were a bit more primitive in quality, technique and skill, there's a vast improvement that can be found between albums, the latest album having a much more polished, professional and solid performance. I also have a green screen and touched on filming music videos as well to showcase the new songs that I have released. 


3 Albums released under the name: The First Effect

A State of confusion (2008)

Oneirism (2013)

Beyond Comprehension (2018)


Posted on Jul 22 2020 at 02:44pm