Country music band in Brisbane QLD, Australia


“Our music wants to make me - Tap Those Toes” 

Sam moved from Ireland to Australia in the 80’s, employment initially was within regional Australia, relocating toBrisbane in 2011, musical opportunities became available with the creation of the country music band theBlueShamrocks. 

theBlueShamrocks are Brisbane based, have evolved to a six-piece band of talented musicians. Sam is the lead vocals with theBlueShamrocks.

2017 – theBlueShamrocks created their debut album - “TTT-Tap Those Toes”, delivers a musical presentation of jive, waltz, line dance style music with a little rock beat thrown in here and there. 

2020 - theBlueShamrocks have recorded an album of original tracks titled, “NTSH-Nothin’ to See Here”, to be released as a series of singles. Each and every original tune creates its own story from various walks of life. 

Lyrics have been written by Sam McCaughey,  Marion McCaughey and brother James McCaughey. 

The music behind both albums was created with brilliant Brisbane producer James North Productions. 

theBlueShamrocks band members backgrounds range from the, country, rock, orchestral and jazz music scenes. 

Video productions will be completed soon, rehearsals and new music release dates have been finalised, performance updates will be on our web and FaceBook page. 

This is a little insight into theBlueShamrocks band. 


2017 - The Album TTT Tap Those Toes  -


2020 - The Album NTSH Nothing To See Here -our first origional compositions to be released as a series of singles September 2020.Will only be availble from the web page or as a hard copy album at live gigs.