Xana Lilith

Grunge musician in Seattle, WA, USA



I am someone who really wants to start up a band, but I don't have any demos. I am a vocalist. Sadly, that is all - wish I could play more (anything) but I tried and tried for years and it just never clicked or stuck. I'm a very good singer, however. I have an interesting style. Maybe not interesting to the Seattle music universe; I would consider myself a grunge and hard rock/thrash metal vocalist, and I am female. Not exactly sure who I sound like yet, I haven't made any demos. That is where you come in! This could actually lead to being a paid opportunity for any musicians who think they can play some grunge-y tracks for me & be my background. I would need a drummer, a guitarist and a bassist. This wouldn't be for a band of any sort, unless something came from it - which I wouldn't mind, but that isn't the goal right at this moment. I'm just looking to record some songs that I think that I can sing well, which would happen to be grunge tracks, to get a good recording behind me. Yes I know I could just use a karaoke machine or something of the like, but I went to radio broadcasting school (was a radio producer up until Covid) and I don't like bad sound quality or production - it hurts my ears. I would pay for the studio time and I could give the musicians a little bit of money for their efforts in helping me make some great sounding demos. You would just have to be able to play grunge, because that's what I'm interested in, what I'm used to and what I know best. Some of my favorite bands include Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Seaweed, Paw, Hole, Alcohol Funnycar, Mad Season, Nine Inch Nails, Curve, Candlebox, Pantera, Mother Love Bone and Soundgarden. Hum and Failure are fantastic as well. [Complete] list below.Something alone those lines - I just need a couple of songs that I could imitate with my vocals to start out and create a demo. Whose down to help me and possibly get paid for it? Message me for details, or e-mail me @ cyber.xana@yahoo.com


This is the whole list of bands that I dig that I could currently come up with off the top of my head. How many of them are you familiar with?

[Alcohol Funnycar] [Alice in Chains] [Babes in Toyland] [Bad Brains] [Bad Religion] [Bikini Kill] [Black Flag] [Blind Melon] [Blood Circus] [Boston] [Bush] [Candlebox] [The Casualties] [Coffin Break] [Cosmic Psychos] [Crackerbash] [Cro-Mags] [The Cure] [Cursive] [Curve] [Dandelion] [Danzig] [Dead Kennedys] [Deranged Diction] [Desaparecidos] [Dig] [Dinosaur Jr.] [Eve's Plum] [Failure] [Flipper] [Flowerhead] [The Fluid] [Foo Fighters] [Fugazi] [Gin Blossoms] [The Gits] [Green River] [Gruntruck] [Hammerbox] [Helmet] [Hole] [Hum] [The Jesus & Mary Chain] [The Jesus Lizard] [KMFDM] [Koffin Kats] [L7] [Love Battery] [Mad Season] [Malfunkshun] [Massive Attack] [Meat Puppets] [The Melvins] [Ministry] [Minor Threat] [Modest Mouse] [Mono Men] [(Monster Magnet)] [Mother Love Bone] [Mudhoney] [Naked Raygun] [New Order] [Nine Inch Nails] [Nirvana] [Nudeswirl] [The Nymphs] [The Offspring] [Our Lady Peace] [Paw] [Pearl Jam] [Pixies] [Primitive Radio Gods] [Primus] [Queens of the Stone Age] [Quicksand] [Rage Against the Machine] [Red Hot Chili Peppers] [Rise Against] [Scratch Acid] [Screaming Trees] [Screeching Weasel] [Seaweed] [Seven Mary Three] [Seven Year Bitch] [Sister Machine Gun] [Sister Psychic] [Skin Yard] [The Smashing Pumpkins] [Soul Asylum] [Soundgarden] [Sponge] [Sprinkler] [Stabbing Westward] [Stereophonics] [Sublime] [Suicidal Tendencies] [Sunny Day Real Estate] [Supersuckers] [Sweet Water] [Swervedriver] [Tad] [Temple of the Dog] [Third Eye Blind] [Thrillhammer] [Thursday] [Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers] [Tripping Daisy] [Truly] [Tycho] [White Zombie] Other than all of the bands I kindly listed for oyu that hapen to be my favorites... [80's Hair Metal] [Doom Metal] [Thrash Metal] [Riot Grrrl] [Grunge] [Punk] [Classic Rock] [Classic Metal]