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Spanish trap musician in Miami, FL, USA


is a Spanish-American Artist,Songwriter,Recorder,Mixer and Producer
He’s from calle 13 {13th Street} 
He was raised by his grandparents who taught him everything, When he was 13 his grandmother left the Country trying to find a better future for him because they were very poor
Time passed and his grandma brought him and his mom to the States 
When Alecarbazzy arrived he was lost, depressed, sad, misunderstood,came from being behind the TV watching the movie about The Country to being part of the movie in the Country. 
A few years later his grandmother got cancer and passed away while his mom got locked up and deported all in the same year 
Started to write, record , sing , rap and produce on his early 20’s 
Never knew he could do all those things 
Then he met his best friend and partner WussupX 
Who taught him a lot of things specially music 
He got now 3 Albums & over 89 songs
Justin Bieber & Russ are his biggest inspirations 
Other artists Who inspired him 
XXXTentacion , Drake,Jbalvin,Al2 EL Aldeano. (Singles and Albums are Available everywhere