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Shea Brown

Hip hop and r&b musician in Pontiac, MI, USA


Musical butterfly singer and songwriter, Shea Brown, hailing from Pontiac, MI started singing and harmonizing melodies at the tender age of two. Destined to be a star and inspired by musical legend Brandy, Shea would hear her songs and before long she would be singing them word for word and hitting every note just like her.  Shocking even to her parents, Shea’s vocal ability showed, even at a young age, that they had a superstar in the making. 

Amazingly, at age the of eight, Shea started writing music with the craft of a person who had been writing music for years.  And while honing that craft and enhancing her vocal skills as she got older with other musicians in her family, and at school events, Shea realized it was time she stepped into the studio and start reaching for the dream she had envisioned since she was a little girl: To be a singer and songwriter recognized in the R & B music world. Pulling from inspiring musical artists, Jhene Aiko, Beyonce and Anita Baker, Shea Brown, is bringing sizzling hot flavor to your ears with her latest single, “What It’s Worth”, and making serious noise on social media platforms. Poised with a voice ready to reach millions, classy and fascinating Shea Brown, is ready to take her rightful throne in the R & B music world by taking it by storm one beautiful note at a time.



Latest : What It's Worth

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Posted on Oct 30 2020 at 08:02am