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4637 Grind Gang

Hip hop / rap band in Detroit, MI, USA


"Grind Or Die Starving" also known as (4637 Grind Gang) consists of 3 Main members of their group: (Luey Hussein, Frankie Isis, & Chiino BinLaden) rite along with their 4 Junior Artists' (KOTA, D.W.N. Jay, AllStar Tae, & DiDi Winnin) we came together to form a powerful movement and is looking to skyrocket into Fame within the Music Industry by the blink of an eye. We all reside in Detroit, MI in the W Eight Mile Rd area and is dropping nothing but Fire A** Bangers which could possibly land a spot on the Iconic "Billboard Charts" not once but Multiple times if Promoted the rite way possibly landing in the rite hands of the rite Person. The sound of our music is very different from others in the "City of Detroit" that could start a Brand New Wave of sound for the City. Gaining nicknames like "The Detroit Migos" as the 3 of us members (Luey Hussein, Frankie Isis, & Chiino BinLaden) are all related with them all being blood brothers we also picked up another nickname from the streets, "GODS of Detroit" we make music for all crowds ranging from old to young, from rap to pop, and all of the above of genre's so there's no doubt of tiredness. The latest releases of "Grind Or Die Starving" aka 4637 Grind Gang are 1st: 3 Back 2 Back releases from (Frankie Isis) titled Whiplash ft. Tiago, Foreign ft. Luey Hussein x Chiino BinLaden, & Win It ft. KOTA x Chiino BinLaden all released under his former stage name (Phamous NyghtMare) following the upcoming release of his collab album with his brother Chiino BinLaden Formerly known as (Detroit's Child) titled (Great Minds Think Alike) expecting to release Early Spring of '21 and early Summer of '21 2nd: Chiino BinLaden Drops his first Mixtape under their "Grind Or Die Starving/Belle Isle Recordings" Label titled (Free Bars) released last year of Nov. 22, 2018 under his former stage name, which is already reeling in so many streams after fans long await of the project and is definitely said to be all Bangers. 3rd: Luey Hussein formerly known as (Traffik) is in the makings of his solo project to release Late Spring of '21 still awaiting a title for the project with updates on them coming soon. Released last Spring of '19 you can stream Luey Hussein's "Single" titled "Pause" ft. (Frankie Isis x Triple Play Jay x Juiice x Chiino BinLaden) al released under their Former stage names as well all available on all (Major Streaming Platforms) .4th: They then released there Group Hit Single "Can't Eat Wit Me" Hosted by there own personal DJ (DJ Curt2Nice) of "OhSORadio under their group name (4637 Grind Gang) and is Available on all (Major Streaming Platforms) released on 03/23/19 soon to be followed by there own individually solo projects.
Below is a couple links to the latest projects we have already released, we have a littlle over 100k streams on Spotify this current day!







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