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Hip hop musician in Maryland, USA


In the ever-growing music industry we are starting to notice a lot of the same kinds of artists emerging. There is a lack of originality and uniqueness among artists, but that all changes with Mikey AK.

Born February 25, 1990 in Washington DC Michael Akinfe Jr., known to most as Mikey AK, has always had an interest in music and lyrics.

With a witty and clever approach to life, coupled with motivational lyrics all while riding over some great production Mikey AK hopes to spread his message of positivity and his brand The Cloud Life to the masses. Inspiration, progress and elevated thinking are qualities we all have in us, Mikey AK just wants to make us realize that through music.



Out Of The Blue 2020

Pressure Cooker 2019

#ScatteredThoughts 2019

Summer Vibes 2019

Cuff Ya Beat 2019