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Beyond Mars

Indie band in Tomahawk, WI, USA


Our band officially was established in April of 2020 by Parker Johnson of Tomahawk, WI. He recruited Seth Ploeckelman on percussion and piano, Devon Liebnitz on bass guitar, Justin Skubal as the manager, and himself on acoustic guitar and vocals to start things off. About four months later, Robin Schmidt joined the team as the electric guitarist. To this date, we have released one album, “Tomorrow”, an extended play album,“The World Around”, and our first ever single, "Chasing Butterflies".

After we were the runner-up finisher in the 2021 UW-Madison Battle of the Bands, Seth Ploeckelman left the band to pursue his interests in jazz.

Our music was recorded and mixed entirely on our own, even with the absence of any professional equipment or mixing. The music was simply recorded in Parker's home bedroom by hanging up blankets and purchasing mics, an audio interface, and other equipment. After being mixed on the free service, Garageband, the music was uploaded for all to hear.

All of the songs we have performed and created were written entirely on our own, with all band members being a part of the process.


Our debut album, Tomorrow, was written both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. This soft rock, acoustic driven album gives a good mix of slow songs with meaningful messages, along with songs of faster pace that give a "jam-out" and lively vibe.

Our debut EP and response to our debut album, The World Around was written entirely during the summer of 2020. The World Around expands on the sound first heard in Tomorrow. "Temujin" and "Spartacus" in particular add new, funky sounds to the traditional bass, acoustic guitar, and drum sounds of Tomorrow. Not to be forgotten, "A Lost Soul" and "People Come and People Go" also provide relaxing vibes and relatable lyrics, acting as a perfect contrast to the other two songs.

Our first ever single, "Chasing Butterflies", was originally written towards the end of September 2020. This song is a key component of our upcoming album. However, we liked this song so much, that we chose to release it early!