J Da Proph3t

Band in Los Angeles, CA, USA


Sony’s The Orchard has recently signed J Da Proph3t. J Da Proph3t, is a self-taught artist from the Chicago rap scene. He was born and raised on the south and west sides of Chicago, which is a recurrent theme in the art he produces. His music focuses on the revitalization of hip-hop, trap, rock and rap, and he is inspired heavily by the musical greats like Lil Wayne, 2pac, and Travis Scott, but you will also catch traces of sixties funk and rhythmic beats in his productions.




D7nce W7ter D7nce - D7nce W7ter D7nce


Prøphici3s of a R3alist - Prøphici3s of a R3alist


Pop That - Pop That


R3al or Nøt - R3alorNøt


Timeless - Timeless