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Band in Wien, Österreich


BAITS are a pan-European beach grunge band from Vienna. The four dilettantes with a knack for hooks have been haunting the Viennese garage rock scene since 2014, bringing back the best of the 60s and the 90s. In July 2016 they released their second completely self-produced EP „Stalker“. Never losing their ironic stance, BAITS make you wander in the musty green forests or down the tangerine colored streets of your mind, but beware, there’s always a demon around the corner, which needs to beaten with a good dose of distortion and fuzz. Somewhere between The Muffs, Beat Happening and Jefferson Airplane, BAITS take you on an adventure that will leave you with a thirst for more. It seems as if the 90s twee pop kids have grown up and their taste for solid melodies ripened. Baits are Javier (drums/voc), Maurizio (bass), Christopher (git/voc) and Sonja (git/voc), based in Vienna, and they want to quit their dayjobs. Any assistance in that, in terms of favorable mentions, is highly appreciated. Stalk us on Facebook:


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