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HDN Cujo

Musician in San Antonio, Texas


Roderick Smith (b. December 17th, 1998), better known as Cujo or HDN Cujo, is a rapper from Niagara Falls, New York, but moved to San Antonio, Texas at the age of 18. His lyrics often draw on more intimate details of his personal life than standard rap fare, and he delivers them with a melodic sensibility. HDN Cujo is known for songs such as Jungle, On My Own, Up And Away and Warzone. He made a name for himself independently, releasing singles such as On My Own, Up And Away and Warzone all in late 2020 early 2021. HDN Cujo doesn’t do many features, but he has collaborated with artists like Menice, Rxalu Loaded, and Jamie Ray. After posting various music online, BET appearance and many huge blog write ups. He plans to release “Hear Me Out” a project that shows his melodic, versatile, autobiographical style solidifying. By 2020 Cujo has generated enough buzz through both his music and a large social media following to attract the attention of the music industry and show the world his talents




Out The Mud

Loso World

On My Own

Up and Away

Going up