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Black Kevin

Hip hop rap musician in Boston, MA, USA


What going on yall my name is Kevin Holley A.K.A Black Kevin.

I been rapping since i was 17 but it was for fun. I didn't look at it serious because I was afraid about of what people might say about me. Growing up my life was HELL so long story short, I had my daughter when I was 20 so I aint have time for music now shes 9 from there I started doing music but that's when I started showing my true passion for making music. I was still hestitant for a while don't get me wrong but the lyrics were to real to the point where I just wanna make music for the youth and my community. The type of music I write about is about Pain real life situations where all types of people could relate to. 



Still Healing (Audio) - April 18/21

Disappointed (Audio) - April 11/21

Since A Youngin (Audio) - April 11/21

Bring Em Out Feat. ZaySwerv0 (Video) - April 11/21

Friendless (Audio) - Feb 22/21

One Shot (Audio) - Feb 22/21

Distance (Video) - Jan 31/21

Whatchu Know About Pain (Video) - Nov 02/20

Lil Ninja (Video) - Sep 25/25


Posted on Jun 29 2021 at 09:10pm