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Band in Atlanta, GA, USA


This is the name that's sure to be echoing everywhere! Lead singer of the platinum selling R&B quartet, Soul For Real, is still going strong as he prepares to release another solo album.


Jase will always call New York home but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where he's been focused on writing, recording, and producing his album. The album is described as having a clever, hood-sexy sound with songs that are ultimately about love and life; it's a true display of mature urban music with crossover appeal. While concentrating on the promotion of this project, he still performs with the group, singing their hit songs of the mid-nineties as well as their recent songs.  Music has always been Jase's passion which drives his pursuit. His hard-work and ambition keep him confident that he is "the next best thing – what the industry has been missing".


Jase's first musical influence was his Pop's church where he began singing at the early age of 4 years old. From then on, he was also guided by the music of classic hip-hop and R&B artists and developed his own vocal style. He began singing professionally at age 12 along with three older brothers; the four of them comprised the R&B group, Soul For Real. The group released three albums, the first of which launched their careers. It was released in 1995 under Uptown/MCA and featured the hit songs "Candy Rain" "Every Little Thing I Do" & "If You Want It". They toured the United States and overseas promoting these albums, earning a large fan base that remains loyal and has only grown over the years as is evidenced by Facebook and YouTube reviews.


Although Jase gained much recognition and popularity in his early teen years, this multi-talented, self-contained superstar has remained grounded. There's only one way to go - up!