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Allen J

R&b/soul musician in Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Allen J is a talented R&B artist on the rise, born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania He is not the average Artist He Is also A Song writer, a Producer and a ceo of his own recording label
He Has Been Featured On Radio Shows Like Miami Beat FM and The NTuned Radio Show He Allen J Has Also Worked with Labels Like Jive Records Tate Music Goup and Recently Capella Records and UMG Allen Has Worked With Local Arist Like Frzy Choze DY$E $TATES And Many More As Of 2013 Allen Inked A Deal With Vevo For All of His Lates Video and As of 202 Allen Has been Signd to A LA Based Label called HRDRV Records 


The Masterpice - 2006

All About Me - 2009

Amazin Muzak -2011

Fallin So In Love -2013

Amazin Muzak 2 -2015


Fallin So In Love 2 - 2021