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Hip-hop/rap musician in Gaithersburg, MD, USA


DJ Delarius is an African American artist and is best known as a lyricist/producer specializing in hip-hop/rap music. With over 1.5K followers and subscribers on Instagram and Twitter, his content has over 10K total views since 2019. DJ has collaborated and performed with very few artist, but continues to push the envelope for more. He has released one single(Team Rocket ft.Vell) that has reached over 10K and continues to pull fans. He has been rapping since 2010 when he met his longtime friend with a studio and brought out the confidence within him to pursue rapping. In 2012 they were featured on many social platforms when they dropped many various cipher sounded songs. One song that included "Good Kid Bad Habits" also "Cipher". In 2014, DJ started Da Hangova Kid brand, with a positive motto. "Drink up to your achievements and get drunk off success".