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Benefit Concerts

Rock label in Los Angeles, CA, USA


I am forming a nonprofit to put on benefit concerts for various causes that are dear to me, including Indigenous Rights and Farmworkers Rights, as well as other causes such as Veterans and Homeless Populations.  I am looking to hire a band that has a following to create a nice night.  I will book the venue and pay your band.  Even though this is for nonprofit I will glaldy pay your band as much as we decide up front and also after our succesful night.  The proceeds of this first concert, will go to a non profit working to bring about an end to oppression for Migrant Workers, through education, legal help and health care.  

I want to create a peaceful and loving atmosphere where speakers can be heard in between the music.  I have a venue picked out and there are many others.  I also have many ideas how to make it work. 

Idealy I would like a band that already has a following to bring a crowd along with the crowd we bring.