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The Shameless Band

Band in LA County


The Shameless Band Shameless: without shame. Thus, The Shameless Band came together with this in mind. We play various genres of music from pop to country to alternative to rock. We have performed in the Inland Empire at multiple businesses and have generated more customers and income for the owners due to our music and following. We would love to do the same for you.  On drums, Lyndon Hamilton and the youngest in the crew is how he got his stage name "The KID." Up next is Manny Lopez on rhythm guitar & singing background vocals, known as "ManDo." On Bass, Kory Body, co-founder, also sings background vocals and writes and produces with and for the band. Known on social platforms as B.B.SLAPP Last but not least, at the center of the band, Daniel Castro, lead guitar, lead vocalist, performer extraordinaire, and the other co-founder of the band. We all know him as Dan Daniels.


November 2021