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My First week I Sold 1,800 copies of a (2 Song Ep that was recorded in 2004) sold for $5.00 each, You don't see my name in Main Stream Red Carpet and I have Sold 700,000 to 1,000,000 Albums on my Own, With streams, presales/preorder, new fan conversions, Subscribers,Royalties,Endorsements,Advances, My Own 360 Deal, and so much more, when you add it all up you will get Millions upon Millions of sales and transactions due to my Musical Expertise! The Name BigDru is a Childhood Nickname, at The Age of 10 I was called BigDru, B.I.G.-Dru is a Stylized version meaning-Bu$ine$$ I$ Good-Dru! I got Multiple Record Labels, (Wash Indie Records) is my Newest Edition, but my other Joint Company's are Andrew Wash (Independent Music Professional) Andrew Ezell Wash / Big Dru - $teady Hu Hu$tlin Record$ was assigned: US-PS5 BigDru Publications, $teadyHu$tlinRecord$, Wash Foundation, BigDru Publishing, Punkin Designs, Wash Designs, Wash Indie Records, YAHUWAH INC. 24 NEW BigDru - My Favorite Girl CD: The Diamond Album ($teady Hu$tlin Record$) § 330 0 3246 Mainstream Charts - The Independent Music Network 24 NEW BigDru - My Favorite Girl CD: The Diamond Album ($teady Hu$tlin Record$) § 330 0 3246 The Independent Music Network - Charts OurStage | Channel: Rock U Can Do It (BigDru feat. Tha Seekah) by BigDru


MUSIC RELEASES FROM BIGDRU BigDru Colorado Springs ,COLORADO,United States 01/18/2019

Album Released By: BigDru 
You can purchase Tracks Now on Many Outlets:…lz6ra7pdf3e&hl=en

My Name is Andrew Ezell Wash, I Am Formally Known as (BigDru) it's easy to find me online, but here here are some links to connect with me on. 
BigDru #31 Colorado (Except Denver) 
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Big Dru - Future Rock Legends