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Hip hip/rap duo in Atlanta, GA, USA


With Hip Hop classics like Nate Dogg’s “Regulate”, and Salt N’ Pepper’s “What A Man”, are some of the things 1994 brought us, OJ Simpson took a now-infamous ride in the Branco. 1994 was a great year, but the most important thing it gave us was Sonny Stone and Josh F.  2019 is providing us their group Nastalgia. Nastalgia is a mid-Atlantic based group and has been in the works for 25 years and now with their no rules compositions and style that mimics features of Hip Hop, Trap, Acid Jazz, and Rhythm & Blues music are ready to share the fruits of their labor In a world that has become mundane in terms of music since the mid 90’people have called for a change in the music industry and especially in the Hip Hop genre and Nastalgia answers the call to action.