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Ojizzel AKA King James

Hip hip/rap musician in washington dc


Orlando Neal, known as, O-JIZZEL, was born May 1,1984 in Silver Spring, Maryland fast forward to 2002 a hip hop legend was made while living with his mother and grandparents.  OJIZZEL attended many schools across Montgomery and Prince Georges County, which made it harder for him to focus and adjust to the educational system itself. Music and expression of self through lyrics was the only thing that made since to him in the world. After watching Yo Gotti, Money Bag Yo, Mo3, Gucci mane, Wiz Khalifa, Tupac, Scarface, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Master P. He started rapping over famous artist beats to get the feel of how to make a song. At the young age of 17, OJIZZEL learned how to make his own beats hoping to develop into an professional recording artist. 2003, He recorded a 16-track c.d. titled "Street Made".  He performed some songs off the "Street Made" c.d., at a local club called Lapearla in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  The reviews were nothing but love and support for the young artist. The support he found pushed him to work harder and achieve success in life and the entertainment industry. The passing of his younger sister caused OJizzel to pour his heart out through a pen, giving birth to a mix tape called “A Youngin Callin Shots”, which he promoted through local Stores and Gas Stations in Maryland. Sales were through the roof; he could not keep up with the demand. While doing multiple shows a month, OJIZZEL learned how to market and promote himself. He began hosting his own Events, Shows, and Parties. The streets and the clubs love his music; his crowd began to grow faster than he thought. The love he received pushes him toward the future. in 2014 “Flippin Chicken” caused Sony to immediately sign OJIZZEL to a distribution deal. In 2020 Ojizzel released a new EP called “Trap-A-Mony” which featured hit tracks like “Calculating”, “Fuck it up” and “Choosey chick”. He is currently working on “Trap-A-Mony 2” which will drop the summer of 2021. Ojizzel even got into acting and filmed 3 movies so far called “Misconception of a father” (2016) ”The Life of Rasheeda” and in 2021 a movie called “We Go Deep.”