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I want to try and perfom a live gig on facebook playing most of my music i’ve worked hard on,for the last few years i have spent trying to build a large fan base,so that i may be able to open shows and people can come see on stage,however im now more ready than ever,altho im struggling atm with less finances most music videos are pretty basic with outstanding story lines,i have had people approach me and congratulate me on my work,everyone seems to complement my work with possitive manner,i want people to engage in my work and somhow show up to my live performances when i host gigs,at a very low cost as much as $5 entry fee.freendly enviroment.share my work on all social media platfomes. Im doing all this on my own without any help,I’ve tried music industry but I cant trust them as many artist have already tried and they were all dissapointed,and their work is back fired and many ended up bankrupt,nevertheless i have been able to promote advertise and submit demos to many business,as well interact with the international musicians and radio stations.

Funky fresh kidoo

Trap hip hop dance hall band in Melbourne VIC, Australia
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