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A man to be described as similarly different in context to himself.

We may allow imaginative visuals to be explained in great detail to our specific meaning of life.

Together, collecting spontaneous intervals of exuberance unexplained until now. I reveal my exciting new perspective of words determined to deliver intriguing thoughts of distinction between separate spots and dots from lots of what’s got and not. WHAT?

I will explain the relation of giving intercepted reception with a traveling, gifted spirit.

Well shiz… as sensitive as this subject can be, when all colors are mixed together they become a beautiful shade of brown/black

Some people may then realize a person of that color are a blend of every and all colors.

As for the palms of most individuals, there may be a few people with their same shade all over their body, an extreme black ethnicist may not even touch theirself because of white palms.😲

An extreme white ethnicist may become suicidal from a freckle, beauty or birthmark on their body.

I’m stretching a single freckle, beauty or birthmark over those who can’t see their own hue, man.

The color wheel’s complex mix of scratched prizmatic fractures reflected back at you is revealing your hue.

Just put a single freckle, beauty or birthmark on an embryo and grow into it.

Humanly yours,

*Much Luv*

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Majestic Clown

Hip-hop, spoken word musician in Worcester, MA, USA
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