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I love music. I like to think i have a good ear for it. Never played an instrument sing by my self. Dont have any one passionate about music in my life enough to help me. I want to find an outlet. A group of like minded people to shape and mold me into the wild front man i know is inside me. I feel oppressed and trapped. I feel with out a purpose or held back from one. I have wild opinions and crazy things to say…my inspiration are that of gg allin, oderus urungus…burzum, thou..system of a down, primus, iron reagon. Fairly new to heavier metal. Yet i feel as though i want to make it.

Life’s been ruff so im shy. Hit me up and we can chat. If i dig you, maybe we can ease into making music together. I’ll leave you with a few songs. Burzum: war, Iron Reagon: miserable failure, Gwar: you are my meat, gg allin: bite it you scum…now admit it your dude’s fucking savage on that taste. I’d be a great edition to your group. Ear is key…i know what i like and why i like it. Honesty is what it takes to make something really good. Im willing to do that.


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