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LiveTrigger Help Center

How do I edit an event or a Public gig Request?

Click “AGENDA” on the toolbar and go to your agenda;   2- click the plus button (+) to see all your events or public requests details; 3 – click “EDIT REQUEST” or “EDIT EVENT” if you want to edit your request or event; 4 – modify all your data on the edit panel and click “SAVE” to… Read more

Surf the map

Every time you open your dashboard you will find out what’s going on around you! When you open LiveTrigger dashboard you are located in the place that you have provided to us!   Surf the map and use the zoom to enlarge or reduce it! Click the refresh button to find new results!   You can find… Read more

Specific Results

Specific Results Go to your dashboard and type a location into the “WHERE” box! For example you can search for a city as “London”…     … or a state as” France” or “USA”. Then select one of the suggested options and click “SEARCH”!     All the results are displayed on the map: use the scroll wheel to… Read more

Public calendar

LiveTrigger Public Calendar is an extraordinary source for bands, promoters and venues: you can find gigs and availabilities just in one click! Everybody now can see all your events details and when you are free or busy. To see other users Public Calendar: go to their profile page; click “CALENDAR” on the top right of the page… Read more

How to use LiveTrigger search engine

Follow these easy steps to learn how to search and find what you really want on LiveTrigger! There are two main ways you can use Livetrigger search engine: you can find specific results using pur search engine; you can surf the map.   Specific Results Go to your dashboard and type a location into the “WHERE” box! For example you can search… Read more

How can I find my public gig requests?

You can find all the Public gig Requests posted by Livetrigger users using our search engine or surfing our map. You can also find the requests you have already posted on your Agenda. Every time you open your dashboard you can find out what’s going on around you!  

How do I add a date to a public gig request?

You can only add more dates only while you are creating your Public gig Requests. Create a Public gig Request using the “Post a Request” panel your Dashboard or from your Agenda.  Add more dates by clicking “+ (plus)” and selecting other dates from the calendar! Every new date is a new marker on the map! Complete your request and… Read more

How to book shows with LiveTrigger?

If you’re new to LiveTrigger, Welcome: it’s time to start your search!   There are two main ways you can book shows on Livetrigger: you can created a Public gig Request; you can search for venues, bands, musicians and promoters and send them gig requests.   We recommend you to start booking your shows at least 3 months… Read more

Find bands, promoters, venues, gigs requests and events

Use our search engine to find what you really want on LiveTrigger! You can search for bands, promoters, venues, events and gig requests world-wide! Fill up our search engine using any tag, name or reference and then click the SEARCH button to find what you are looking for! Click here to discover how to use the LiveTrigger search engine.  

Gig request

You can send gig requests to every user on LiveTrigger! Use our search engine to find who can help you on LiveTrigger (venues, promoters or bands) and click the profile name in the list to view the relative profile page.     On the user profile page click “MESSAGE” to start a new conversation. You need to write a short… Read more

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