Neo nazi festival? Not with this app

29 July 2019, Gio

After several reports from some users, the administrators of this site have decided to ban 2 promoter profiles from the LiveTrigger platform.

The two users, respectively Ukrainian and German, were noticed in two different ways. [more below…]


This community doesn’t tolerate fascists.

The first, despite a profile almost completely anonymous, had begun to contact some bands registered on the platform proposing to participate in an event of a political nature in clear contrast with the policies of the platform.

Alerted by the prompt reporting of the community itself, the site administrators immediately blocked the users. But it didn’t stop there, as Giò Fumagalli, co-founder and project manager of, says:

    “After the first reports, we launched monitoring processes of some users potentially risky, identifying another user who was using LiveTrigger in a similar way. We immediately blocked him.”

LiveTrigger is the world’s most advanced online community for live music professionals. Rapidly expanding (492% growth from September to May 2019 alone), it is changing the way bands, promoters, venues and musicians connect to organise live music events around the world, as a completely free service.

The project manager Fumagalli continues:

    “Neither I nor the other co-founders have certainly spent nights on the development of the platform to give the neo-Nazis a new tool to spread their stupid ideas. LiveTrigger is, and will always remain, a place open to anyone with a democratic and inclusive view of the world. On our platform, there is no room for those who spread hatred and discrimination.

The site administrators, therefore, encourage any user to report any type of behaviour that violates the policies and that uses the site to spread and nurture any type of culture based on hatred and discrimination.

We love music, we hate racism.


P.S. – We remain available for further clarification: