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Band in San Diego, CA, USA


  We are a group of like-minded individuals that assemble in secret creating music to help awaken the sleepers and bring about the new age of reason. We gather in low lit taverns and houses of ill repute to share our stories and spread our music, for that is the place you will look for us. We are a Band of 5, collaborating to make music that matters and to be thought provoking. Listen to the music let it take you where you want to be. Angelshade came together in 2009 as a project created by Brad Hanna to collaborate and create a new sound in the San Diego area. As potential members came and left, Angelshade kept changing with them and new sounds and personalities were projected through our music. The Band is now comprised of 5 members that together have a dynamic presence that is demonstrated in our performances. 

We are energetic, put our heart into every song whether in the rehearsal room of on the stage. Angelshade has developed into a band to follow and proudly shares their music and message on stages across the West Coast. 

Dave Marhsall, the front man for the band, with his smooth vocals clearly and confidently filling the position of front man of the band brings a new energy and dynamic to the band and the music. Dave is a perfectionist and is appreciated for this trait. It is never good enough and he pushes to ensure that the sound and the performance is just the way it should be. Brad Hanna, the founder of the band and originally from Florida and implanted to So Cal, is the lead guitarist for the band. Brad provides direction and also manages bookings, recording sessions and releases. Brad with his “go with it” attitude and personality that allows for the creativity to flow in the rehearsal room. Brad has been instrumental in the creation of the sound that is Angelshade. Joe Haynes, Rhythm guitarist for the band, hails from Las Vegas. Joe has performed with various band in the Las Vegas area. Joe is a solid and consistent Rhythm guitarist which is has been a true asset to the Band. He had been with Angelshade for about 8 years and is a crucial part in our creative process. Tedd Staub, our bass player, one of the other components of Angelshade’s rhythm section. With his consistent and creative bass playing, he adds another dynamic that this band is fortunate to have acquired. Tedds’s attention to detail and is continuous drive for consistency keeps all in check and constantly striving to improve. Tedd was a acquisition that came to us after leaving his previous band Rammoth. We are happy to have been blessed with this talented bass player.  Last to mention, our drummer Marc DeJesus,  a new addition to our band..We look forward to working with Marc. Stay tuned as they will be coming… 


Full Allbum "Conspiracy " to release in early 2020.



Posted on Apr 20 2021 at 10:25pm